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Insurance Stone Mountain Ga

An Industry Leader in Simplified 
Insurance Services

Life can be complicated, insurance doesn't have to be

What We Do

Insurance Stone Mountain Ga

Meritius Group Is Dedicated To Providing Turnkey Solutions For All Your Insurance and Financial Needs

Our Approach

After reviewing thousands of insurance policies , we discovered that many individuals and families are either undersold products that don't meet their specific needs or oversold products that aren't in their best interest and don't provide a benefit.


Our Goal:

  • Listen to your needs before making specific recommendations

  • Research current products that provide the right benefits

  • Provide several options that best meet your budget

  • Focus on paying the least premium while getting the most value

  • Educate our clients to make a confident, informed decision

Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga

Our Commitment

We are licensed, certified & contracted with all major carriers across the U.S, allowing us to search multiple providers to find the best options at the most affordable prices. Whether you're looking for Individual or Group quotes, we're committed to finding what products make the most sense for you or your family.  We are proud to serve the people of Stone Mountain Ga and all of Georgia.​

In addition, each stage of life presents a different set of insurance and financial needs. We can assist you at any stage from young professional to newly married to growing family to retirement ready. 

Insurance Stone Mountain Ga

Our Team

Our licensed insurance professionals will guide you through the process by explaining the pros and cons of each policy, providing real-life examples and scenarios, and taking the complexity out of selecting the right policy or coverage. This gives you the ability to view all available options, compare various initial price quotes, and assess our own recommendations so you feel informed and confident.

Our Services

Insurance is not a Product,

it's a Promise

Having the right insurance coverage is essential in providing peace of mind and financial protection to individuals and their families. We want to ensure you have full access to necessary healthcare services, appropriate coverage for medical expenses, and you and your loved ones are taken care of financially in the event of an unexpected death. When searching for products and services, it's important to consider factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, premiums, and provider networks. Many insurance providers offer additional benefits such as wellness programs, telemedicine services, and financial planning resources that can further support your overall health and well-being.




Short Term Medical

Long Term




Money Management

Who We Are

About Our Company

At the age of 43, founder Robert Lee Harrison was first introduced to the importance of life insurance. As the sole provider for his family, he had only $10,000 of life insurance, was plagued with debt, and questioned how to invest his monies wisely. It was at this point that he realized how under-insured his family really was.

With the help of a close friend and mentor, Lee began to turn his financial future around one step at a time. By learning to successfully manage and allocate his own finances, he soon realized his passion for helping others overcome their financial burdens and teaching them how to be prepared during the unexpected times in life.

After becoming a licensed insurance professional, he committed himself to making every effort to meet clients face to face in their homes and at their own convenience. For over two decades, Lee has assisted families from all walks of life, and the result has been thousands of satisfied clients who trust his ability to provide honest recommendations based on each clients' individual needs.


Meritius Group was born out of that desire to develop a company and services that represent exactly what we stand for: Meritius, a word defined by “merit". Our team is dedicated to the treatment of our clients through honesty and integrity. 




Clients Served


Carrier Partnerships

Lee Signature.png

Lee Harrison

Founder | President

Our Clients


At Meritius Group, we have been providing insurance and financial services to our clients for over 25 years. Our client testimonials demonstrate our commitment to providing quality and reliable services at affordable prices. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients through educational platforms and turnkey solutions. 

Our Providers

We Believe in Creating

Long-Term Partnerships

Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
Insurance Stone Mountain Ga
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